Ballotta: Juve continues to win without convincing, but…

Former goalkeeper Marco Ballotta shared his thoughts on the current performance of Juventus in Serie A with Juventusnews24.

Ballotta highlighted Juventus’ iterative victories, but expressed concerns about their lack of convincing performances. He is quoted as saying the team continues to win without convincing. “It’s a different style of play. One can’t always win through skill, it’s not even easy. You have to make the most of your players’ characteristics.” He justified the coach Allegri’s approach to the game and stated that Allegri is getting results, albeit in a possibly less thrilling way. “Being at Inter’s level, who in my opinion is slightly ahead, is not a small achievement. This suggests that they’re having a great season. I believe this Juventus is reaching its peak,” he elaborated.

When questioned about the championship race, Ballotta commented that currently it looks like a dual between Juventus and Inter Milan. “If they maintain this rhythm, it will definitely be a contest between Juve and Inter.” But, he pointed out that other teams could stage a comeback, including Lazio, Napoli and Milan. “For the moment, only Inter and Juve are making an important run, with a balance of results. It’s still an open two-horse battle.”

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