Ausilio Confident Inter Will Reach Agreement with Lautaro

Piero Ausilio, Inter’s Sporting Director, has spoken out about the impending contract renewal of striker Lautaro Martinez. He shared his views on the sidelines of the 19th Torneo Amici dei Bambini event held in Milan.

Ausilio remarked, “If they say it’s almost done and there is confidence, I don’t see why I shouldn’t confirm it. There is confidence primarily because there is a mutual intention, both parties want to extend this relationship. Of course, there is an ongoing negotiation, and patience is necessary like always. The timescales you have are not those that we have, but I am confident that we will eventually reach an agreement that will satisfy both parties because that’s what we want”.

Commenting further on the contract renewals of other key players in the team, Ausilio added, “The point made stands for the renewal of all the important players at Inter, there are many and we have started with the most urgent ones, players who were approaching their expiry dates faster than Barella or Lautaro. We have settled those, but we are already working on a longer-term discussion with both Barella and Lautaro”.

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