Atletico Madrid’s Simeone: I’ll surely coach in Italy one day

Atletico Madrid’s head coach, Diego Simeone, has shared his thoughts during a Sky Sport interview ahead of the Champions League match against Lazio.

Simeone recognized the significance of the upcoming match expressing the belief that the results do not merely matter to the teams, but are also important for their respective clubs. The coach expressed hope that both clubs would advance when he learned they were to face each other in the group stage, which eventually happened.

Simeone acknowledges Lazio’s impressive Champions League performance so far and anticipates a challenging match with remarkable football. He, however, discounts the concept of revenge in football, implying that what they face is all there is. Despite this, he does not envision a calm match.

When asked if he would ever coach in Italy, Simeone expressed a clear fondness for Italy, indicating a definite inclination. He confidently stated that he’d seize the opportunity when it arises.

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