Atalanta’s Scalvini: Always Inspired by Thiago Silva

Atalanta defender Giorgio Scalvini has given an interview on Radio Serie A discussing the current state of his team and more.

Scalvini revealed his childhood idol was the well-known Brazilian defender Thiago Silva. He stated, “I’ve always been inspired by Thiago Silva, I remember watching him when I was young and he was playing here in Italy for Milan. I admired him as a defender and appreciated his presence on the pitch. In the areas where we maybe aren’t alike, I strive to adopt elements from his game such as his leadership, his presence and his personality.”

The Italian defender shed some light on his experiences against AC Milan’s attacking duo Rafael Leao and Olivier Giroud. He’s only squared off against Leao for 10-15 minutes two years ago, but he noted an impressive detail about his game. “Close up, what strikes you is his burst of speed in the first few meters when he gets a through ball.”

He also commented on Olivier Giroud’s significant impact on Milan’s attacking play. He said, “Giroud is a very important player for Milan because he provides a stable target in the center of their attack. As a defensive unit, we need to perform exceptionally well. If we can assist each other, we can effectively hold him off.” He emphasized on mutual assistance amongst his teammates to counter players like Giroud.

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