Atalanta’s Muriel on his Heel Kick: These are Moments that Stand Out

Colombian striker Luis Muriel spoke to DAZN following Atalanta’s victory against Milan.

Muriel described the match result as a “beautiful ending”. According to him, Atalanta’s team played a strong game. They managed to maintain resilience when Milan was in possession of the ball, and they capitalised on their opportunities near the goal.

Muriel further noted their performance as a great redemption following their previous match against Torino. He highlighted this approach as their pathway forward. When asked about his goal, Muriel explained that such plays are spontaneous and not always premeditated.

“In that moment, I didn’t think about it. I was in the clear with the ball slightly behind me, and I couldn’t coordinate it in any other way. It just happened that way”, Muriel told DAZN.

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