Atalanta’s “flame” returns, but longevity hinges on consistency

Atalanta’s recent victory sparked considerable spirit and morale, but the side requires a significant boost to climb their way up in the league standings after their faceoff with AC Milan.

Is this renewed Atalanta? It is too soon to tell, but it has certainly lit a fuse that has sent the Devil back to hell. The team not only came back victorious, but also showed grit by fighting for every ball, backed up by Lookman’s brace and a notable final play by Muriel that securely registered itself in the team’s history.

There’s an air of overwhelming enthusiasm and confidence in the squad as they see the gap shrink at the top of the table. Yet, it’s not all sorted. Starting a robust fire is, indeed, easy, but a good deal of oxygen is required to keep it burning. For Atalanta, this ‘oxygen’ translates to consistent results and, more notably, mental fortitude. This is the crux that could potentially turn the tide for a season that seemed to be getting increasingly complicated before their win over AC Milan.

The victory against Milan was indeed a commendable feat, especially considering the historical performance in direct confrontations. Yet, it is the long stretches of gameplay, the ability to grind out points against smaller teams that can truly help you climb the steep mountain towards success.

At the conclusion of this matchday, Atalanta may find themselves no more than four points away from a Champions League place, and the prospects of European football not far off. However, the crux of the matter remains consistent: This Atalanta side is both the cause and the potential solution to its issues, for it can fall just as easily as it could rise within moments.

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