Atalanta’s Djimsiti: Happy about 2023 but always aiming to improve

Berat Djimsiti, Atalanta defender, expressed his feelings following their latest match against Lecce. He was speaking to Sky Sport after the encounter between Atalanta and Lecce.

Djimsiti said, “This is a significant win; we wanted to end the year well in front of our fans.” Djimsiti acknowledged the struggle in securing goals due to the consistent defense and counter-attack from Lecce. However, he expressed overall satisfaction with their performance in 2023 and emphasized their aim to further improve in the coming year, 2024.

Djimsiti commended Lecce on their strong defense and counter-attacking strategy, attributing the challenging goal-scoring texture of the match to these factors. In indirect speech, he hinted at the taut competition offered by Lecce and recognized their worthy play.

Overall, while acknowledging the challenges faced in the match, Djimsiti appeared optimistic about the team’s plans to build on their success and further refine their performance in the forthcoming year.

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