Atalanta’s De Ketelaere: We responded well and must continue this way

Atalanta’s attacking midfielder, Charles De Ketelaere, has given his assessment of Atalanta’s victory over Milan and their upcoming Europa League match against Rakow, in an interview with Atalanta’s official channels.

Reflecting on the victory over Milan, De Ketelaere said, “There’s enormous satisfaction for us.” He applauded the team’s reaction, particularly in the second half. After conceding a goal, he believed the team could have crumbled, but instead, their response was commendable.

De Ketelaere shared the credit for his performance with fellow teammate Lookman. He said, “I got a good ball to serve Lookman.”

He also described playing against Milan as a unique experience, but added that he focused on his own game.

As Atalanta looks forward to their Europa League match against Rakow, De Ketelaere emphasized the need for consistency. He did not provide a direct quote on this, but his message was clear; if Atalanta wishes to succeed, they must maintain their current level of performance.

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