Atalanta’s De Ketelaere: A Beautiful Revenge Against Milan

Charles De Ketelaere, a forward for Atalanta, expressed his thoughts following their victory over Milan in Coppa Italia. Speaking on Sportmediaset, the striker voiced his satisfaction with the team’s performance and pointedly dismissed suggestions of personal grievances with Milan.

“This was a great victory and a superb feeling,” De Ketelaere shared on Sportmediaset. He was praised the cooperative effort of his teammates and their resilient response after conceding a goal to Milan.

While the win might have tasted like sweet revenge for some, De Ketelaere insisted that he held no such sentiments. He subtly turned the attention away from himself and towards the objective of winning matches, stating: “Could it be viewed as a personal vindication for me? One might say so, but that’s not how I see it.”

The Atalanta star went on to address critics of Milan without offering detailed comments. “I’ve come a long way, and today we won,” he said, again emphasising the favourable outcome for his team.

De Ketelaere expressed his satisfaction with his current position at Atalanta, reaffirming his commitment to the team as they forge ahead in the ongoing season. “I’m happy to be here. There’s still half a season to go,” he concluded.

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