Atalanta’s Carnesecchi: Fourth place finish is highly desirable

Goalkeeper of Atalanta, Marco Carnesecchi, shared his thoughts after the team’s draw against Roma. He interacted with the media through an interview with DAZN.

About the match, Carnesecchi mentioned that the team was fairly pleased with the result. He suggested they had earned a significant point during a difficult away game. Carnesecchi iterated the team managed to hold their ground up until the end, implying they took the game step by step.

Speaking about their aspiration towards the much-coveted fourth position, Carnesecchi revealed that the team is looking at one game at a time. He stated, “the fourth position is very attractive to us,” and expressed that by the end of the season they will be able to evaluate whether it has been positive or negative.

Carnesecchi also highlighted the importance of the upcoming match for the Coppa Italia. He said, “Wednesday will be key, the Coppa Italia is something we very much crave.” He pointed out the need for rest and recovery therapies, expressing hope for a great game on Wednesday.

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