Atalanta Targets Paolo Maldini as Congerton’s Successor, Situation Unfolds

Following the departure of Congerton from Atalanta, the ‘Nerazzurri’ are considering bringing in a new senior figure to work alongside D’Amico in transfer matters, specifically those abroad. Among the array of potential candidates, the name of Paolo Maldini, a Rossoneri legend and former Milan executive, is high on the list.

From information gathered by our team, Atalanta are keen to recruit Maldini to their camp. This comes after the exceptional work he showcased during his years at Milan, from scouting to diligently seeking out young talent, and the ambition demonstrated in his professional sphere. The Percassi family, Atalanta’s owners, have numerous names on the table, but Maldini’s name has come under significant focus from the club.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and how it will unfold in the coming months,” a club source confirmed. Given Maldini’s stellar record in managing player transfers and developing youth talent, Atalanta supporters will surely be eager to learn if such a high-profile name will join the club’s management team.

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