Atalanta reportedly keeping an eye on Iling Junior while assessing offers for Koopmeiners.

Atalanta are reportedly monitoring Juventus’ Iling Junior. The Bergamo club are keen to enhance their squad’s capabilities, particularly in defence and midfield, but the primary focus remains on the wingers who can significantly elevate the quality of Gasperini’s play.

According to sources, Atalanta have shown considerable interest in Teun Koopmeiners. However, an intriguing twist in the transfer narrative is Atalanta’s growing attention towards a Juventus player.

“Iling Junior is definitely on Atalanta’s radar,” a source close to the club revealed. “The club is looking at various options to strengthen the squad, and he fits the profile of what Gasperini is looking for.”

This move underlines Atalanta’s strategy of targeting versatile players capable of making an immediate impact in multiple positions. It remains to be seen if a formal approach will be made, but the interest is certainly there.

As the transfer window progresses, it will be interesting to see how this potential move develops and whether Iling Junior will don the Atalanta colours in the near future.

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