Atalanta on the Verge of Finalising Zaniolo Deal with New Offer Expected

Nicolo Zaniolo’s potential transfer to Atalanta has reached a critical juncture.

Atalanta is now in a fierce battle with Fiorentina to secure the services of the Galatasaray attacking midfielder.

Sources close to the negotiations have indicated that Atalanta is determined to outmanoeuvre Fiorentina and finalise the deal as swiftly as possible.

A spokesperson for Atalanta, speaking on condition of anonymity, revealed, “We are doing everything in our power to bring Zaniolo to Bergamo. The next few days will be decisive.”

Similarly, internal sources at Fiorentina confirmed their interest in Zaniolo, stating, “We are equally committed to signing Nicolo and believe he would be a fantastic addition to our squad.”

The competition between the two Serie A clubs underscores the high regard in which Zaniolo is held.

As both clubs enter the final stages of negotiation, the outcome will likely be determined within the week.

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