Atalanta, Gasperini: Extraordinary performance by the entire team

Following Atalanta’s victory over Milan, head coach Gian Piero Gasperini was quick to share his thoughts on the match to DAZN.

Asserting his team’s character as their major strength, Gasperini said, “This team has always been known for its strong character. However, there are games where it becomes a struggle. We often find ourselves with depleted energy and a lack of the same adrenaline, because three matches a week are a lot. Europe gives us an edge, but it also takes away in terms of injuries and nervous stamina. Tonight was an extraordinary game from the whole team.”

Addressing Lookman’s performance, Gasperini was both humorous and complimentary. “Has Lookman never worked this hard? Then he has never worked at all,” he joked. Gasperini continued by praising Lookman’s performance but also highlighted that there are areas in his game that needed slight adjustment. “Lookman can’t play all games like tonight otherwise he would be a monster. He has had many good games and is having a remarkable season. But he can’t stay at peak performance all the time—one needs to take some breaks. What Lookman needs to work on is maintaining the same spirit even when things are not going his way.”

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