From Jordan James to Dawidowicz: How is Atalanta Going to Maneuver on the Market?

The upcoming moves of Italian football club Atalanta during these last days of the transfer market are creating a buzz. The club is aiming to make a strong finish by looking to enhance its squad. The names on the radar are promising young Birmingham midfielder Jordan James and Verona defender Paweł Dawidowicz.

Dawidowicz, who is currently playing for the Gialloblu, is being closely watched by Atalanta. He’s believed to be the subject of intense transfer speculation with a transfer fee rumoured to be around 7 to 8 million euros. As for Jordan James, all potential transfer proceedings are currently on hold, however, it’s believed Atalanta could make a move in the coming days.

These transfer moves are expected to be activated if certain unavoidable sales take place. The departure of Adopo could make room for the Welsh player, James. Similarly, the potential exit of Palomino from the club could open the door for Dawidowicz. Updates are eagerly awaited on these potential moves in Atalanta’s transfer strategy.

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