Atalanta firm on Ederson: Pay money, see the camel

In another turn of football transfer rumours, Atalanta seems to be preparing to bid farewell to some of its gems, including Scalvini, Koopmeiners, and Ederson, who is eyed by Juventus. This is a recurring event where the ​Goddess (Dea) applies the same strategy as top-tier clubs: setting up defences and, in the worst-case scenario, drying the tears of farewell with plenty of banknotes.

Atalanta, as indicated by their manager Gasperini, has been a club that in recent years has had to sell its prized assets to compete at high levels. The art is in making considerable profit and spending wisely. Despite the potential setbacks that player sales might bring, they are seen by the team as necessary, creating the opportunity to recruit even stronger replacements, in a constant cycle.

The plan for the January transfer window is clear in Atalanta’s case that no significant player will go. However, Ederson’s situation is straightforward: Atalanta is open to any negotiation, and willing to conclude the deal, demanding a €50m fee. This strategy shows a readiness by Atalanta to always set and raise the bar.

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