Atalanta fielding changes against Rakow: rotatation (and watch for Under 23) on flying bus

Atalanta’s reserves face a crucial test ahead of their match in Czestochowa, providing both established players and new signings a pivotal opportunity to prove their worth, as per reports in Italy. In a high-risk gamble akin to Ugo Fantozzi’s fictional efforts to catch the last bus, the players will need to seize this chance with both hands to secure their continuity with the Serie A side.

These developments follow comments made by manager Gian Piero Gasperini after the game against AC Milan. He emphasised that the upcoming match against Rakow will require significant squad rotation to evaluate players who haven’t had ample game time. This will determine “who deserves to stay at Atalanta and who does not” with a clear aim of laying the groundwork for the upcoming January transfer window.

Both Holm and Bakker, who were left out by Gasperini in the Milan game, have not fully convinced the manager and will need to step up their game. While their talent is evident, a lack of playing opportunities and not fully grasping the team’s tactics have complicated their position. Players like Zortea and Miranchuk will equally be fighting for a role in the squad.

An outing for the Under-23 talent is also on the cards, as per a practice match organised to decide who to include in the trip to Poland. Especially in January, Atalanta will greatly rely on their reserves, viewing the second team as a valuable reservoir to bring in missing elements.

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