Atalanta Fans Wonder: Could More Be Done?

The Atalanta fanbase has weighed in on the club’s January transfer window activities, and the verdict is split.

The recent transfer activity of Atalanta has invited a mixture of criticism, evaluations, and wide-ranging opinions. To gauge the general sentiments of the fanbase, a survey was conducted on Instagram.

The survey amassed responses from 387 Atalanta followers. The results were rather clear-cut as 55% of participants felt that the club had made the right moves, while the remaining 45% believed that there was room for more activity.

“In an Instagram survey of 387 Atalanta fans, 55% believe that the club made the right moves in the January transfer window while 45% believe more could have been done,” the report shows. These numbers represent a relatively balanced view of Atalanta’s January transfer strategy. It is evident that while the majority are satisfied with the club’s dealings, a not insignificant portion thinks there is room for improvement.

The full response to the transfer window will likely play out on the pitch, as Atalanta looks to secure its position in the league and make strides in the European competition.

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