Atalanta considers extending Holm’s stay after a season of growth and learning.

Atalanta are considering the permanent signing of right-winger Emil Holm following his successful season with the Nerazzurri.

The club sees the winger role as crucial under Gasperini’s management, necessitating a series of careful evaluations.

Emil Holm is particularly under the spotlight, as the club contemplates his €8 million release clause.

“Holm has been vital for our strategy,” said a source close to the club, underscoring the value the Swedish player has brought to the team.

Atalanta’s decision will weigh heavily on his contributions over the past season and his potential future impact.

While the club is yet to finalise its decision, Holm’s performances so far have made a compelling case for his permanent stay.

Fans and analysts alike are eagerly waiting for further updates on this potential transfer.

Stay tuned as we follow this developing story, bringing you the latest on Atalanta’s transfer moves and speculations.

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