Argentina’s Scaloni Reflects on Future Plans

Lionel Scaloni, the manager of Argentina’s national football team, has spoken out about his future in the run-up to the Copa America 2024 draw.

“I am here because I am the coach,” Scaloni said recently. He referred back to his previous comments after the match against Brazil when he expressed a need for reflection.

Scaloni is still in this reflective state, mulling over their previous achievements and contemplating the team’s future. “After all we’ve accomplished, I think it’s important,” he remarked.

As for the current state of the squad, he commented, “The players are doing extremely well, the team is in great shape, and we need a manager who’s in good form, with all their energy.”

Re-emphasizing his previous statement, Scaloni said the team needs a manager they can measure up to and stated, “It is time to think.”

The comments suggest that the Argentine coach is considering his position and potential departure, thus creating some uncertainty around who will be at the helm of the Argentine squad for Copa America 2024.

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