Andrea Carnevale: Pele and Messi were strong, but Maradona was unique

In a comprehensive interview with La Repubblica, Udinese’s chief scout Andrea Carnevale opened up about his life and football career. Most notably, Carnevale shared his experiences of playing alongside the legendary Diego Armando Maradona at Napoli, arguably the club’s golden era, even at a time when rivals Milan and Juventus were in their prime.

Carnevale paid a glowing tribute to Maradona, stating, “For me, Diego Armando Maradona is the greatest footballer of all time. I saw him every day, we were teammates, and yet, every time, I had butterflies because Diego was an immense player, an exciting personality. I am and remain proud to have known him.”

Carnevale vividly described Maradona’s impact, saying that when he arrived, airports, hotels, stadiums would come to a standstill. Maradona was frequently surrounded by three opposing players, but despite the tight marking, Carnevale felt that they always started with a 1-0 advantage because of Maradona’s immense talent and ability to lead the team.

Carnevale further sharpened the comparison by acknowledging the prowess of other football greats. He said, “PelĂ© was very strong, as is Messi, but Maradona was unique. Diego has enriched me in spirit, heart and also financially.”

His words serve as a solemn reminder of Maradona’s transcendent talent and enduring legacy, not only to his former teammates but also to football fans worldwide.

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