Ancelotti willing to walk to Arabia for 500 million euros, says Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has addressed the media ahead of their La Liga match against Betis.

Speaking at the press conference, Ancelotti was humorous and candid about the topic of the Arabian leagues. Responding to a question about whether he’d consider a move to the Arabian leagues, he joked, “For 500 million, I’d walk there, I wouldn’t even need to fly. I’d walk there…I’m obviously joking, everyone chooses what they prefer.”

Acknowledging the evolving state of the football world, Ancelotti added, “The world is changing and will change further, so I’m not surprised at anything.” He could not provide much insight into golf or the game’s top player, Rahm, as he admitted he doesn’t know much about the sport; however, he did note that Rahm seems very skilled.

In a revelation likely to reassure Real Madrid fans, he dismissed rumours of being contacted by Arabian clubs, committing to his present role. “No Arabian club has approached me. I’m living in the present, which is very good. I have other goals and ideas, I have never thought about the money.”

Ancelotti highlighted his grounded values originating from his upbringing in a family where money was not considered significant. He reiterated that finances are not his driving motivation but rather his welfare and satisfaction in his current role. “I grew up in a family where money was not the most important thing. I have money, but it’s not the most important thing. The important thing is to feel good and I feel good here and hope to continue to do well here.”

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