Amoruso fears missed penalty could dent Vlahovic’s confidence at Juve

Former player Nicola Amoruso has expressed his views on Dusan Vlahovic’s recent performances for Juventus in an interview with Sky Sport.

Amoruso mentioned that while Osimhen needs to regain his form, he still manages to make an impact in one way or the other, unlike Vlahovic who appears to be struggling. He noted, “Vlahovic began brilliantly and scored four goals immediately, but then encountered some physical issues.” He further observed that Vlahovic seems somewhat detached from the game and needs to step up in difficult times.

According to Amoruso, “At Juventus, you need to score goals and I’m afraid that the missed penalty could affect his confidence.” He didn’t question Vlahovic’s abilities but believes the player could do more to understand his teammates’ strategies. He emphasised that Juventus should create conditions conducive for Vlahovic to score, adding that he is convinced the player can perform better than he has so far.

These comments came from Amoruso during his interview with Sky Sport.

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