Allegri: Salernitana will be different in Coppa Italia

Juventus’ head coach Massimiliano Allegri has spoken out ahead of the team’s championship match against Salernitana. In a press conference, the coach highlighted that playing at Salerno is never simple and expressed his anticipation of a different atmosphere following their win against Verona.

“There are pitfalls as well, because playing in Salerno is never easy. We will find a different atmosphere after the victory in Verona in the championship,” Allegri said, per JUVENTUSNEWS24.

The Juventus boss added that while there’s lot at stake in the championship, the recent Coppa Italia match was a separate game, implying that this upcoming match will be a different challenge altogether.

“We will confront a different environment after the victory in Verona. Salernitana have high hopes of securing their survival,” Allegri further explained, highlighting the complexities of the upcoming game.

He affirmed, “The Coppa Italia match was a game within itself, tomorrow will be a different game.”

Keep an eye on BBC Sports for more updates about the match between Juventus and Salernitana.

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