Ferguson, Bologna: Motta is a top. Objective? We’re not thinking about it

Scotland and Bologna FC midfielder, Lewis Ferguson has opened up about his personal and professional life in Italy in an interview with La Repubblica.

Ferguson has admitted to missing his pet dog, Kobe, who has remained back home in Scotland. “I miss him a lot. He’s grown all of a sudden. He’s called Kobe, like Bryant. As soon as the helicopter tragedy happened, his name kept buzzing in my head until I finally named him Kobe,” he confessed.

Ferguson also touched on his relationships back in his homeland, “My parents, grandparents, and friends, we’re all very close.”

In his interview with La Repubblica, the Bologna midfielder also talked about his long-time girlfriend Lauren and their one-year-old daughter. “Lauren is my girlfriend since I turned 18. We have a one-year-old daughter named Lake, an unusual name, but Lauren insisted on preserving the ‘L’ of our initials.”

On the professional front, he praised his coach, Thiago Motta. Describing him as a ‘top coach’, Ferguson pointed out that Motta and his team of collaborators at Bologna have helped him tremendously. Their approach is to focus solely on the upcoming match every week, not letting circumstances, positive or negative, affect the team.

Keeping his goals modest and focused, Ferguson stated that their objective right now is “just the next match”.

As for other coaches he admires, other than Motta, he listed Sir Alex Ferguson and he expressed strong admiration for the work of Pep Guardiola.

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