Alessandro Gassman Calls Mourinho a ‘Professor’, Would Like to See Lukaku and Abraham Together

Renowned actor Alessandro Gassman, known for his role in the television series Un professore, has revealed his deep fondness for Italian football club Roma.

In an interview with the Italian sports newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Gassman expressed his admiration for Roma’s current manager, Jose Mourinho. Gassman labelled Mourinho as the “best professor there could be in football”.

Gassman went on to discuss the manager’s impulsivity, pointing out that like his character in Un professore, Mourinho can also make mistakes. According to Gassman, Mourinho occasionally acts on impulse and can get things wrong when he doesn’t think three times before speaking. Gassman mentioned Mourinho’s attitudes towards referees as an example, stating that he personally believes in the actions of the match officials, even when some of them fall below expectations, such as those who officiated the final in Budapest.

Despite these remarks, Gassman maintained that Mourinho is a highly intelligent man who knows the weight of his words. The actor said he hopes the coach will renew his contract soon and remain with Roma for a considerable time.

Gassman also praised Mourinho’s charisma and motivational skills. He said, “He’s a great motivator and everyone, including those who come from the bench, give their best”. He cited the case of player El Shaarawy, applauding Mourinho’s excellent management of him.

Talking about his favourite player in Roma, Gassman named Lukaku as his top choice. According to Gassman, Lukaku is the perfect player for Roma, and he would love to see him play alongside Abraham.

On Roma’s owners, the Friedkin family, Gassman commented on their silent efficiency in managing the club. He appreciated their efforts in capturing big signings like Dybala and Lukaku, as well as their move to bring in Mourinho.

Gassman addressed Spalletti’s appointment as the national coach, acknowledging him as a great coach. Nevertheless, he expressed concern for the young talents in Italy who struggle to find a place among the “big” players.

In conclusion, Alessandro Gassman’s love for Roma and the world of football is unchanging, demonstrating the impact of the beautiful game on many aspects of Italian life.

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