Ahead of Napoli match, Jorge Braga says: Tomorrow’s game is like a final

The Braga coach, Artur Jorge, has shared his thoughts ahead of the team’s critical Champions League match against Napoli.

Jorge expressed his ambitions for the team on a press conference held yesterday. According to him, they are keen on delivering a good football performance. He acknowledged that they are facing three strong teams in the Champions League, however, he remains optimistic. Earlier, Jorge categorically stated that they would stand their ground regardless of the opposition.

Speaking about the upcoming game, Jorge said, “Tomorrow’s match is like a final as it will determine whether we progress in the Champions League, but all options are still open, including for the Europa League”. The source of this direct speech is the press conference he held.

Jorge believes that Napoli is a strong adversary having excellent players and a good coach. For Braga, it’s a battle to uphold their history. He declares his simple manifesto: they must be ambitious and give it their all. Quote: “The whole club together, that’s how we can win. We need to trust our capabilities, our ambitions. We are very focused.”

The Braga coach understands their current predicament: a disadvantage requiring them to score at least two goals. But he promises they will try. His declared aim is for his team to make its mark. “We want to write our history. We have won the last five matches, Napoli has lost the last three but they remain a very strong team. We are aware of the strength of the champions of Italy. We understand the difficulties but it won’t detract from our ambition, it will be an exciting match.”

This statement showcases Jorge’s motivation and confidence, despite the challenges facing his team. For Jorge and Braga, the upcoming match proves to be not just about victory, but about affirming their place in the sport’s history.

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