Agent suggests pressure led to Donnarumma’s Milan departure

Enzo Raiola, football agent of several players including Gianluigi Donnarumma, has shed light on Donnarumma’s departure from Milan and current situation at PSG during an interview with DAZN.

Raiola began by reflecting on the time when clubs world over were seeking to sign Donnarumma. “At 17-18 years old, he had the best clubs in the world wanting him, all of them. And Milan was not among the best. As agents, we had a duty to tell the player that he should be rewarded when you have companies like Real Madrid behind you,” Raiola said in the interview.

In reference to Donnarumma’s departure from Milan, Raiola suggested that when a player has the opportunity to elevate his level, he should be given that chance or else he might plateau. Donnarumma was in his comfort zone at Milan, fully aware that he was the main player. This scenario was somewhat a concern for the agent.

Raiola also shared how Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a positive influence on Donnaruma by pushing him to do more. According to Raiola, Ibrahimovic used to wake Donnaruma up two hours earlier to train him. However, the club’s management, tired of waiting, shifted their focus to Mike Maignan, who belonged to the same group as the president. Raiola referred to this action as a forced move.

The Donnaruma-Milan saga continues to brew as Raiola’s comments bring a fresh perspective on the goalkeeper’s exit from the club where he started his professional career. As for PSG, the situation remains dynamic with Donnaruma looking to establish himself in a new country, league, and team.

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