Agent Suggests Napoli Lack Confidence in Di Lorenzo, Talks with Other Clubs Underway

Mario Giuffredi, the agent of Giovanni Di Lorenzo, has broken his silence regarding the future of the Napoli captain, who appears to be on the verge of leaving the club.

Speaking to the microphones of TV Play, Giuffredi addressed the swirling rumours about Di Lorenzo’s desire to part ways with Napoli.

“The truth is, as I’ve mentioned before, Giovanni’s aspirations are driven by a desire for new challenges,” said Giuffredi during the interview with TV Play.

He went on to say, “There have been many speculations about his intentions, but what is clear is that Giovanni wants to explore new opportunities that align with his career ambitions.”

Giuffredi’s comments have added fuel to the fire of ongoing transfer rumours, which suggest that Di Lorenzo could be seeking a move away from Serie A.

With the player’s agent confirming the captain’s potential departure, it remains to be seen which clubs will emerge as frontrunners in the race to secure Di Lorenzo’s signature.

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