Africa Cup, Algeria watched: Belmadi interrupts training

The Algerian national team’s training session was abruptly halted when a drone was spotted overhead, potentially spying on the team’s tactics ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations.

This unusual incident has caused quite a stir within the Algerian camp.

On Friday, while the African nation were in the midst of their training, a drone unexpectedly flew overhead. As a result, the Algerian coach, Djamel Belmadi, decided to stop the training session and the police were immediately called.

Yesterday, the news emerged about the arrest of an Ivorian national, suspected of using the drone to scrutinize the Algerian team’s tactics. The individual claimed to have been hired by a national newspaper to gather this information.

This story comes as a stark reminder of the immense pressure and intense scrutiny faced by national teams in the build-up to major tournaments.

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