Abodi on the Rome derby: “The danger of antisemitism is always there”

Andrea Abodi, Minister for Sport, spoke about the upcoming Rome derby in Serie A on the sidelines of the Master Sbs diploma ceremony.

“I hope there is no danger of antisemitism for the Rome derby. The danger is always there, not only during the match. Especially in these times, we see that the danger manifests itself in the cities, with behaviors and even with writings, so there is a cultural issue that evidently needs to be overcome. We thought it was a issue that we could leave behind, and instead it’s an issue that needs to be addressed and systematically monitored, investing in culture, education, information, working in schools, and intervening where necessary so that it does not happen, or at least there is no almost a sense of normality or impunity,” said Andrea Abodi.

Abodi highlighted the need to invest in culture, education, and information to address and prevent the issue of antisemitism. He emphasized the importance of working in schools and intervening where necessary to ensure that such incidents do not occur or go unpunished.

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