Former footballer Giuseppe Bergomi has commented on Napoli’s current status in the Serie A season in an interview with Italian newspaper Il Mattino.

Bergomi expressed concern about Napoli’s physical condition, particularly in the midfield. He noted that the team still seemed to be lacking in some areas.

“There is definitely a physical condition issue,” he said. “Especially in regard to the midfield. In the middle, one can see that something is still missing.”

Bergomi highlighted that Napoli’s strength last season lay in regaining ball possession and was quick to counter-attack. He added these aspects seemed sparse this season, but declined to blame anyone in particular.

He remembered how the team seemed vulnerable even when they tried to stretch out a bit with Braga. However, he pointed out an essential matter regarding the comparisons with the previous season.

“We need to quit comparing it with last year,” he asserted. “Otherwise, we’ll never get out of it.”

Heeding his words, it’s essential for Napoli to focus on current challenges and to view their performance in isolation rather than constantly comparing to past successes.

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