Barcelona’s Polish striker Robert Lewandowski recently discussed his future in football at a session at the Sportman’s Club.

Lewandowski, known for his impressive performance and goal scoring ability, acknowledged the expectations placed on him and Barcelona. “I know we are Barcelona, and everyone expects not only victories from us, but also many goals,” he remarked at the club.

He went on to say that while there had been issues earlier on in the season where opportunities to score had been scarce, he remained positive and felt well-supported by both the club and its fans, suggesting that he is in the right place at the right time.

His comments also revealed that he had noticed a number of issues surrounding the club’s future when he was not a part of it a year or two ago. However, he expressed confidence that Barcelona is now on the right path.

When it came to his future and potential retirement, Lewandowski appeared to be in no rush. Despite his past achievements, he claimed to still have significant passion for the sport.

“I think I can play football for another three or four years, because physically I feel very good,” the striker said.

Discussing a potential career as a coach post-retirement, he reflected on the incredible impact of the large names he has had as managers throughout his professional career, and the amount he has learned from them.

He conceded that adjusting to life after professional football will be difficult and acknowledged the challenges of coaching. However, Lewandowski left the door open, admitting that his experiences give him a unique perspective on the sport. These statements reveal a realistic and reflective outlook on a sport that he has so significantly shaped.

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