Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart has launched a scathing attack on Real Madrid, in a conversation with a local Catalan radio station.

Gaspart suggested Madrid should consider returning their league titles and Champions League victories, amid debates over football ethics. “Given the talk of ethics in Madrid, they should return the Champions League titles won with [Alfredo] Di Stefano and we can all make peace. Ethics belong to the present, past, and future. It does not expire. History stands,” he stated.

The ex-president further elaborated on his understanding of ethics in the football world, accepting that it might be subject to varying interpretations. However, he warned about the potential for a lack of ethics, noting there are many clubs that have had ex-delegates as international referees. In his statement, Gaspart seemed to underline the integrity of referees, emphasizing that, “I believe referees are honest and that no football club has ever paid to have the favour of a referee.”

Gaspart shared details of three framed pictures, two of which were letters from Espanyol and Real Madrid, declaring him a persona non grata. In a strong statement of his wishes for the teams, he said, “I want Espanyol to be promoted to the Premier Division and for Real Madrid to be relegated to the Second Division.”

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